I am maintaining a Github project which is owned by our company. It's a sample for demonstrating how to use the software sold by our company.

My question is, if I want to modify code of another Github project under Apache license 2.0 and use it in my project, what should I do in my obligation? (this Apache licensed software has a block for LICENSE statement but doesn't have a block for NOTICE)

I have done some researches but can't understand very well because there are many terms and English is not my first language.
In my understanding, I need to add a NOTICE file in root directory to let people know I use this software.
Do I need to specify which files are modified or copied from this Apache licensed software project(they are located in three different folders)?

Here is what I plan to do(ExoPlayer for example), I will add a NOTICE file in root directory:

Copyright (c) 2020 OurCompany

This project uses the modified code from this project:

Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0

Do I do it right?
I will appreciate for the answers and thanks a lot.

  • You don't need a Notice file for ASL compatible dependencies, only for things with surprising (but still FLOSS) license. So if the library you used did not have a NOTICE file or if it only applies to parts you don't redistribute, you can skip it (but you still need to keep the copyright and change notices). – eckes Jun 16 at 5:50

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