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Why is the system asking me to wait a day or more before asking another question?

Asking questions can be difficult, and we want all of our users to have the best possible experience on the site. You've asked a number of questions, some of which were not very well-received by the community; it's time to take a short break and have a closer look around the site.

The best way to spend the time is to look at some of the most highly up-voted questions in the tags that interest you, by sorting them according to votes:


You'll notice that these questions have a few things in common:

  • They use correct grammar, capitalization and punctuation, to the best of the author's ability
  • They state a clear problem that needs solving and include any relevant details needed to illustrate the problem in a way that others can reproduce
  • They have clear and descriptive titles, usually in the form of a question
  • They get straight to the point, are easy to read and are easy to understand

Once you've spent some time looking at other questions, go back to your previous questions and edit them to make improvements. We also recommend finding questions that you can answer and providing great answers to them. Take a few moments to become familiar with how search works, many questions have been asked and answered before.

If you haven't yet done so, please read our advice on how to ask good questions, and the types of questions one should avoid asking.

This block is only temporary, but much longer blocks exist in the system. We're trying to slow you down and provide you with more guidance now, in hopes that you avoid a much longer period where the system won't accept questions from your account. Please take some time to revisit and improve your previous questions wherever possible.

You'll be welcome to ask questions again soon, but please make sure you research your problems prior to asking, and ask only when you're really stuck. When you do need to ask, be sure to follow the guidance we've provided and everyone will have a much better experience.