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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to use a LGPLv3 plug-in in a GPLv2 program?

From the license point of view: Is it possible to use a plugin written under "LGPLv3+" in a program protected by "GPLv2"? The plugin is built as a ".so" library and at ...

gpl lgpl gnu linked-libraries plugins  
asked by Giuseppe 6 votes
answered by MadHatter 4 votes

CC-BY "inheritance"?

If I distribute an open source software (licensed under MIT or Apache if that matters) that includes/uses a resource that is licensed under CC-BY, and I provide proper attribution. Do users of said ...

licensing license-notice cc-by  
asked by Andrew Wilson 5 votes
answered by apsillers 10 votes

MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE 1.1: Do I have to update all my source code files in a proprietary software project if I include a lib with MPL v1.1?

I am planning to use Hunspell lib which is under MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE 1.1 for proprietary software. Here it says in 3.5. Required Notices: "You must ...

asked by Ron 2 votes
answered by apsillers 0 votes

What needs to be done to comply with OpenSSL double license?

The OpenSSL double license is available at: I am not a lawyer and I am not sure whether I am more confused by the license agreement than I am scared of it. I ...

licensing license-notice open-source  
asked by James T. 2 votes
answered by planetmaker 4 votes

MongoDB's SSPL license: what does "offering as a service" actually mean?

I actually find MongoDB's SSPL license quite hard to understand, especially when thinking about what might constitute „offering MongoDB as a service“. While I do understand that the primary intention ...

license agpl sspl  
asked by Andi 1 vote
answered by amon 2 votes

Company policy says no code under license requiring sharing source can be used. Stack Overflow is CC-BY-SA. Does this mean we can't use SO at work?

Training at work regarding software licensing instructed us that we should not use code from any project using a license that requires sharing modifications such as the GPL. We can use Linux as an OS ...

commercial cc-by-sa  
asked by fdmillion 1 vote
answered by apsillers 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get users to read the docs/FAQ before asking new questions?

I created an open source user management system for PHP which is (admittedly) directed towards novice programmers. The idea is to help familiarize "Cowboys from Code Canyon" with the tools ...

community documentation  
asked by alexw 36 votes
answered by R.M. 42 votes

Is the TeX typesetting system free and open source?

I recently opened the source code for the widely-used TeX typesetting system, and was surprised by the restrictive license I found: This program is copyright (C) 1982 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are ...

license open-source-definition free-software-definition  
asked by James Fennell 23 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 27 votes

Is it permitted to prohibit a certain individual from using software that's under the AGPL license?

I recently found an open-source class library that declares that it "has the permission to prohibit a certain individual from using it" and I can't stop wondering if I published an open-...

licensing gpl agpl  
asked by tgd 6 votes
answered by Mureinik 14 votes

Is it legal to have the "// (c) 2019 John Smith" header in all files when there are hundreds of contributors?

Companies use headers like // Copyright 2011 The Go Authors. But countless projects with a single maintainer have // Copyright 2011 John Smith even though they have hundreds of contributors, all ...

copyright license-notice software contributor  
asked by Alex 28 votes
answered by apsillers 41 votes

How can cheating be prevented in a FLOSS multiplayer game?

Hacking and cheating in online multiplayer games (that use the typical client-server model) is not uncommon. For example, in some first-person shooters there are "aimbots" that allow the player's ...

gaming code-signing  
asked by EMBLEM 43 votes
answered by Philipp 52 votes

How to use MIT license in a project?

Let's say i used a MIT program as a base for a new project, and modified about 50% of the program files. How should i specify that the program is a derivative work? Do i need to keep track of every ...

derivative-works mit  
asked by xzcv 13 votes
answered by Zimm i48 19 votes

What is the standard practice when the developer does not want third party redistribution of a certain free and open source software?

I recently tried to build .deb package and a PPA for Droidcam (turns phone camera into webcam), and mentioned it in a related GitHub issue for feedback. The developer replied I am going to ask that ...

distribution redistribution  
asked by Archisman Panigrahi 21 votes
answered by MadHatter 31 votes

Can you answer this question?

GoogleSignIn license in my app's licenses list view

I made an app for iOS and before publication I have to make view, where I list all used 3rd party libraries licenses. Unfortunately, I cannot find license for GoogleSignIn SDK for iOS. This package is ...

licensing license  
asked by Maksymilian Tomczyk 1 vote
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