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Top new questions this week:

Strong open-source license that forbids limiting innovation

I am looking for an open source license that strictly matches the following criteria, could anyone suggest any? Must: Rename the project Disclose the source Include the original license (also cannot ...

user avatar asked by Anm Score of 6
user avatar answered by MadHatter Score of 13

Is Debian violating the license requirements for this project's dependencies?

It is my understanding that when an executable program that depends (directly or indirectly) on libraries licensed under MIT and/or Apache 2.0 is compiled into a statically-linked binary that is then ...

license-notice debian  
user avatar asked by jwodder Score of 3

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does this constitute a breach in GPL license? Article with GPL licensed software and Journal reviewer guidelines

Here is the scenario: As a researcher you are making a modification to some GPL3-licensed software, and thus if you were to distribute the code, you would need to do this using the GPL (or a ...

gpl distribution publishing enforcement ethics  
user avatar asked by Arruda Score of 18
user avatar answered by apsillers Score of 24

Is my software still "free" if I charge for its commercial use and not for non-commercial use?

"If you plan to use [some software] on a commercial basis, you must separately purchase a commercial-use license" [1] Assuming the commercial-use and non-commercial use licenses for my software both ...

license free-software-definition freedoms  
user avatar asked by Amelia Score of 10
user avatar answered by sugarfi Score of 11

How do I require commercial users of the output of my software to give attribution?

I've got some code which produces some output files, this project is open source under GPLv3. I've also got some people reaching out to me and asking if they can use the output files (they don't care ...

licensing gpl attribution  
user avatar asked by beyarkay Score of 16
user avatar answered by Philip Kendall Score of 25

What is the difference between FOSS and FLOSS?

FOSS stands for "Free and Open Source Software", whereas FLOSS stands for "Free/Libre/Open Source Software". The use of libre denotes the idea that the software is "free as in free speech, not free ...

terminology floss  
user avatar asked by HDE 226868 Score of 40
user avatar answered by Zizouz212 Score of 28

Is there a generally accepted "anti-copyleft" clause or license?

I would like to publish code for an application under an open source license like BSD, MIT, or Apache 2 which allows for changes and derivative works to be contributed back to the open source project ...

licensing license-recommendation copyleft  
user avatar asked by Mike C. Score of 34
user avatar answered by apsillers Score of 37

How to deal with contributors who write very bad quality code?

As a maintainer of an open source project which strictly enforces coding style and 100% test coverage, how do I deal with enthusiastic contributors who write terrible looking, untested code (that ...

user avatar asked by pulsejet Score of 43
user avatar answered by amon Score of 50

Is GPL "for research purposes only" self-contradictory?

So I used a piece of software which claims to be open source and is licensed under "GPL for research purposes only". As far as I know, GPL 2 and 3 are not themselves free, in sense that you can't ...

gpl gpl-3 restrictions  
user avatar asked by AndrejaKo Score of 48
user avatar answered by Philip Kendall Score of 57
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