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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to migrate old GPL2 project to GPL3?

So I found an old project that is GPL2, not hosted on Github. I fixed bugs in it, and want to post on Github. Can I distribute it under GPL3? In other words, is GPL3 a GPL2 with additional ...

gpl gpl-3 gpl-2  
asked by Blender 7 votes
answered by apsillers 12 votes

Is Apple allowed to distribute GPLv3-licensed software through its iOS App Store?

This question is specifically about GPLv3, LGPLv3, and Apple's App Store for iOS devices. Given the additional restrictions Apple imposes on iOS users (i.e. not allowing them to modify and run ...

gpl gpl-3 lgpl redistribution apple-app-store  
asked by Tenders McChiken 5 votes
answered by Tenders McChiken 3 votes

Could the anti-tivoization provisions of the GPLv3 be circumvented by providing software separately?

In the FAQ section of the GPLv3, the Free Software Foundation presents the following entry: Question: Suppose that two companies try to circumvent the requirement to provide Installation ...

licensing gpl gpl-3  
asked by Tenders McChiken 5 votes
answered by amon 4 votes

Bundling GPLv3 GNU FreeFont with my public domain HTML template system

The most-relevant existing question I can find is Dual license Apache2.0 GPLv3 for a library with optionnal GPLed code and Bundling GCC along with my GPLv2 project, still, I could use some ...

gpl-3 dual-license  
asked by DannyNiu 3 votes
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 0 votes

Am I legally obligated to disclose that my web app is using AngularJS?

I am using AngularJS in a web app I am building, and I'm wondering about the legal obligation of disclosing that my app uses AngularJS, and whether I need to make AngularJS's licence agreement ...

licensing license-recommendation license-notice  
asked by Emilio_P 2 votes

New Bioconductor package function redistribution

I am creating a new package that I would like to submit to Bioconductor. It's essentially a C code, which is called by R (using Rcpp). One of the C functions within my package, is the C code of the R ...

license package  
asked by Elena 2 votes
answered by MadHatter 2 votes

Do I need to attribute icons not used anymore but visible on GitHub's previous commits?

I'm developing a mobile app and I'm using GitHub for source code which is set to public, so I can show my friends. I was using some free icons from , which required the ...

asked by chung 1 vote
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Flutter licence and involved dependencies

My company is very sensitive about using open source software. A small team started to group licences in three categories: green, yellow, red. Flutter is a library to create native apps for ios and ...

licensing license-compatibility  
asked by surfmuggle 2 votes

How to react to unhelpful contributions to otherwise unnoticed projects

Time and again, it is noted how frustrating it seems to contributors when their contributions are rejected (e.g. here, here, or here). That is why I am somewhat undecided about how to handle a ...

project-management collaboration interpersonal-issues  
asked by O. R. Mapper 37 votes
answered by Steve Jessop 21 votes

Is there a generally accepted "anti-copyleft" clause or license?

I would like to publish code for an application under an open source license like BSD, MIT, or Apache 2 which allows for changes and derivative works to be contributed back to the open source project ...

licensing license-recommendation copyleft  
asked by Mike C. 27 votes
answered by apsillers 29 votes

What if I don't know whether my program will be linked to a GPL library or not?

Suppose a program uses an API which has two implementations: An MIT implementation which uses GPL libraries A newer version of it which no longer uses any GPL libraries Neither is distributed ...

asked by Stefan 4 votes
answered by amon 15 votes

Can I take BSD licensed code and distribute it under GPL?

Or in more general terms: Can I take code which is licensed under a permissive open source license (like the BSD license) and distribute it under a copyleft free software license (like the GPL)? ...

gpl relicensing bsd  
asked by lesmana 28 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 21 votes

MIT license and "All rights reserved."?

I recently saw something like this: Copyright (c) Some Corporation All rights reserved. MIT License ... And then the MIT license follows. Now, from what I know the MIT license is one of the most ...

licensing software mit  
asked by Ionică Bizău 22 votes
answered by ArtOfCode 16 votes

Must a company disclose proprietary source code if it violates a copyleft license?

What is the typical situation when some company is found to violate the some copyleft free software license and refuses to fix it? Can the company then be forced to disclose any proprietary code that ...

copyleft enforcement  
asked by Free Radical 22 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is there a licensing restriction shipping proprietary software that packages/redistributes CDDL1.1-licensed software?

We are having a debate about whether we are allowed to package CDDL 1.1 licensed software like jaxb-api as-is with our commercial software. We would provide the licensing terms of CDDL 1.1 as required ...

licensing cddl  
asked by psarathi2 1 vote

Is it allowed to redistribute a modification of BSD licensed software on OSSRH with my Maven groupId?

I modified a BSD licensed software and proposed the patch to the contributors. I has been discussed and refused. I'm respecting the decision not to merge the changes, however I want to provide the ...

bsd redistribution  
asked by Karl Richter 1 vote
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 0 votes
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