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Top new questions this week:

Is the TeX typesetting system free and open source?

I recently opened the source code for the widely-used TeX typesetting system, and was surprised by the restrictive license I found: This program is copyright (C) 1982 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are ...

license open-source-definition free-software-definition  
asked by James Fennell 23 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 27 votes

Open Source Music

Is there an existing way to make music in an open source way (similarly to developing software on Github with a public domain license) ? If not, is open-source music producing actually something that ...

licensing mit open-source  
asked by Nico 4 votes

Mattermost License

I don't understand this: Mattermost Licensing SOFTWARE LICENSING You are licensed to use compiled versions of the Mattermost platform produced by Mattermost, Inc. under an MIT LICENSE See MIT-...

licensing mit agpl-3.0  
asked by guettli 3 votes
answered by MadHatter 11 votes

Using reverse-engineered closed protocol in open source software

The question is a partial derivative of this one: Someone open-sourced an un-open-source project Here is the situation: There is a device and a proprietary software to manage that device. They are ...

law closed-source publishing open-source  
asked by user10475643 3 votes
answered by vonbrand -2 votes

How much changes to open source code is needed to remove the //Copyright (c) 2017 notice, or can it never be removed

As the question state. When using open source code and there is a // Copyright (c) 2017 xxxxx in the file. I know I must keep the notice but if I change the code a bit or much do I always keep it or ...

asked by ExocetKid 3 votes
answered by MadHatter 10 votes

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

I would like to create a github repository with this edited and in a special presentation format. How should I do it? What files the repository should contain and with what contents.

licensing gpl  
asked by xralf 2 votes
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 2 votes

Licence that says the original author must be given credit and mostly free other than that

I'm not a native English speaker and licenses are difficult to understand for me. I'm looking for a license that requires any people who use the code covered under the license to say "this code ...

asked by lwl59438cuoly 2 votes
answered by vonbrand 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where would I give credit to an MIT licensed project, in an iOS app?

I would like to include a pod that I found on cocoa pods and its an animation of a button. It is licensed under MIT licence: In the licence it states: ...

mit attribution  
asked by Jurgen 5 votes
answered by Glenn Randers-Pehrson 6 votes

Can a non-GPL python program use GPL Python module?

Suppose I have a Python library which is distributed under the GPL license. I would like to use that library in my program, that I may eventually want to distribute under non-GPL terms. The library ...

gpl gpl-3 python  
asked by Pasha 8 votes

Can GPL licenced software be used in corporate environments?

If software is licenced under a GPL license, can it be used without restriction in a corporate/commercial environment? The software that I am refering to is QGIS which provides this description: ...

gpl commercial software-use  
asked by TsvGis 30 votes
answered by Tomasz Klim 35 votes

Are open source developers at risk of being scammed?

Suppose your client asks you to build open source software for them. You begin doing the work and publishing updates on GitHub, but when you finish they tell you they don't like it and won't pay for ...

law contracts business  
asked by Trevor Clarke 25 votes
answered by massonpj 31 votes

How can GPL terms apply to distribution of a proprietary plugin?

Let's say I develop a plugin for third-party application X. My plugin has a non-free license, and is commercially distributed. I don't distribute application X. Application X is licensed under GPL, ...

gpl plugins  
asked by Roddy 23 votes
answered by amon 49 votes

Is it legal to use GPL code in a proprietary, closed-source program by putting it in a separate, standalone program?

As we all know, the GNU General Public License (GPL) is a "copyleft" source license: which means it is designed not merely to make the code to which it is initially applied free and preserve its ...

gpl proprietary-code  
asked by The_Sympathizer 38 votes
answered by MadHatter 34 votes

Can I use my own GPL'ed code in my closed source program?

Let's say that program A was made by me, with me being the sole copyright holder. If I license this program under the GPL-3.0, can I use that program in program B that is closed source?

license-compatibility gpl-3 closed-source  
asked by sportzpikachu 28 votes
answered by amon 50 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Shapefiles in R maps package (GPL-2)

I hope this is the right forum for this question, I came her form stackoverflow. I would like to include some world maps in my academic publication. As the title suggests, I am working with the maps ...

gpl copyright  
asked by H.Stevens 1 vote

GNU Affero Can I offer in connection to another app?

Let's say I have a web app, and I want to offer an AGPL image editor in it. That image editor is run separately from the app but is displayed in an IFrame on it. The source code of both apps is ...

agpl-3.0 website  
asked by DannyZB 1 vote
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