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Top new questions this week:

How can I properly fork a project that is dual-licensed AGPL/Commercial?

I'd like to use UniPDF, which is a Go project to handle PDF documents, in my project. UniPDF has a dual license: AGPL and commercial while my project is licensed under the GPLv3. I'd like to fork ...

license-compatibility gpl-3 agpl-3.0 dual-license  
asked by jjjx 10 votes
answered by curiousdannii 9 votes

Using CC-BY-SA images in a CC-BY-NC-SA document

I am creating a presentation that includes some unmodified images licensed under either CC-BY, CC-BY-SA version 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 (no CC-BY-SA 4.0) and some public domain images. They are all ...

license-compatibility creative-commons cc-by-sa cc-by-nc-sa  
asked by P. Scwurf 4 votes
answered by MadHatter 2 votes

Does this license allow the distribution of modified versions?

I have some very old software (not written by me) which comes with a license which is clearly intended as a 'we really don't care what anyone does with this any more' license. The HI-TECH Z80 CP/M C ...

asked by David Given 3 votes
answered by David Schwartz 2 votes

Android App for commercial use depended on some GitHub projects with MIT licence

Where should I put the licencing information for the Android App if it is dependent on some GitHub projects with MIT licence . Users are going to see the user interface of the finished app, where ...

mit android  
asked by puzzled 3 votes
answered by MadHatter 2 votes

How can commercial products use GPL or LGPL libraries?

I would like to design a web app with a free and paid tier that will include a WYSIWYG editor. I'm considering the following options CKEditor - GPL TinyMCE - LGPLv3 QuillJS - BSD 3-Clause SlateJS - ...

gpl license-recommendation lgpl commercial website  
asked by Esostack 2 votes
answered by Alexander Pushkarev 3 votes

Open Sourcing my API - Exposing my Database?

I have an API that I created myself here: I get roughly 20,000 requests per day on it but have asked by a couple of people to open source it. I look into this ...

open-source-definition security  
asked by GenesisBits 1 vote
answered by Alexander Pushkarev 1 vote

Can I sell closed source plugins that interface with a GPL v2 software which is open sourced?

Basically, I have an idea for some software based on an Open Sourced application. If I was to build an application based off of that, and sell my plugins, would this be a breach of terms? This is the ...

gpl proprietary-code closed-source plugins  
asked by user3014687 1 vote
answered by Mark 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much of the C# programming language is open source?

I know that for many years, C# was proprietary, and it's always been focused on Windows. Then I started hearing about Microsoft releasing component after component of the language's framework as ...

asked by EMBLEM 13 votes
answered by RubberDuck 14 votes

Why is GPLv2 incompatible with GPLv3?

As I understood in this wonderful answer, GPLv3 and GPLv2 code can't be used simultanously in the same product. Why?

gpl license-compatibility  
asked by peterh - Reinstate Monica 14 votes

Calling GPL'd programs from a shell script

I have a program written in a shell language that consists of several shell script files. Some of these files execute external commands that have been licensed under GPL. Do I have to release my ...

gpl linked-libraries  
asked by fergusq 11 votes
answered by amon 16 votes

Is it legal to use GPL code in a proprietary, closed-source program by putting it in a separate, standalone program?

As we all know, the GNU General Public License (GPL) is a "copyleft" source license: which means it is designed not merely to make the code to which it is initially applied free and preserve its ...

gpl proprietary-code  
asked by The_Sympathizer 35 votes
answered by MadHatter 32 votes

How does GitHub's "forking right" cope with an "All rights reserved" project?

The GitHub FAQ states (emphasis mine): You're under no obligation to choose a license. It's your right not to include one with your code or project, but please be aware of the implications. ...

copyright github forking unlicensed-code terms-of-service  
asked by o0'. 63 votes
answered by apsillers 64 votes

What is the relation and/or difference between freeware and free software?

Freeware and free software sound very similar. What is the relation between them?

terminology free-software-definition freeware  
asked by Martijn 10 votes
answered by Mnementh 14 votes

Where would I give credit to an MIT licensed project, in an iOS app?

I would like to include a pod that I found on cocoa pods and its an animation of a button. It is licensed under MIT licence: In the licence it states: ...

mit attribution  
asked by Jurgen 4 votes
answered by Glenn Randers-Pehrson 5 votes
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