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Top new questions this week:

How to provide credit when modifying a design with a CC BY-SA license?

Background: A few years ago, I've designed a low-cost scientific instrument and published all schematics, building instructions and necessary scripts in open source under the Creative Commons ...

asked by Xavier Mouy Score of 6
answered by amon Score of 9

How can an AGPL web application allow proprietary plugins?

We are developing a web application (REST API backend + frontend, both Python/Flask if that matters). We want to distribute it as a free software and we'd prefer a GPL license over a less restrictive ...

lgpl website python plugins agpl  
asked by Jérôme Score of 3

Including Apache 2 Licensed Code in Project

I have a large codebase licensed under GPL. There is another codebase I found one specific file to be useful in, and the whole codebase is under Apache 2. I cannot change the license of my project, ...

gpl apache-2.0 license  
asked by figbar Score of 2

Is AGPLv3 "sticky" for commercial clients's clients? (embeddable script)

I'm doing a platform for LiveChat, commonly this LiveChat is embedded in other sites via a js script so the live chat widget is displayed in the host websites, therefore it allows communication with ...

asked by Michelson Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Someone open-sourced an un-open-source project

Someone (Person_A) is sharing an open source project (Project_A) on GitHub. The Project_A is a decompiled version of another project (Project_B). But the original Project_B is not open source, and ...

derivative-works closed-source  
asked by Ryan Score of 50
answered by amon Score of 79

Is Firefox really open sourced?

I've been using Firefox for a while now and I am quite satisfied by it. I have always heard that it is open source, and I recently tried looking on GitHub to see if there was some sort of repo with ...

github floss  
asked by x43 Score of 8
answered by Mureinik Score of 16

Can I disregard GPL just because I use autoconf?

I found the following text in licenses to some software I am considering to use: As a special exception to the GNU General Public License, if you # distribute this file as part of a program that ...

gpl license proprietary-code  
asked by scrrr Score of 11
answered by amon Score of 34

Can an NDA block GPL freedom number 4?

Let's say a company modifies a GPLv3 software. All it's employees can use the modified software and have access to the modified source code. The company's employees don't have the right to distribute ...

gpl gpl-3 license nda  
asked by ddreian Score of 26
answered by apsillers Score of 47

How do I become a regular contributor to GitHub FOSS projects?

I've been foraging GitHub and making small one-off contributions to a variety of codebases that interest me. Typically, the projects that I want to contribute to are very large in nature and already ...

github contributor project-management  
asked by mortal36 Score of 21
answered by D. SM Score of 33

What does 'upstream' mean?

In some documents or blogs about development in open source projects, you can read stuff like 'upstream developer' or 'upstream fix'. What does that mean?

software terminology  
asked by Mnementh Score of 32
answered by kdopen Score of 36

What guarantees that the published app matches the published open source code?

Take as an example the Italian app "Immuni" (, used by the government to trace contacts exposure against COVID-19. Since many people were afraid about how the ...

asked by ABCplus Score of 35
answered by Mureinik Score of 15

Can you answer this question?

What is the standard format for the MPL-2.0 license modification notice?

I would like to use a modified version of open-source code licensed under MPL 2.0 in my own open-source code, also licensed under MPL 2.0. But I'm unsure about the specific standard format for ...

copyright license-notice mpl  
asked by Shersh Score of 1
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