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Top new questions this week:

GNU GPL v3 - If the author of a GPL software library makes changes under paid contract to a company, who "owns" the changes?

So, for example, assume an independent software developer has created a library and has licensed it under GPL v3. The developer is then contracted by a company to develop a software product for the ...

asked by Michael 13 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 27 votes

What modifications to the Authors and License section in the README file of a cloned repository are permissible under an MIT License?

Suppose Robert Smith has a repo with a README file containing this section: Authors Robert Smith Robert Smith's website License Code copyright Robert Smith. Code released under the MIT license. ...

mit open-source  
asked by Off Kilter 3 votes
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 1 vote

Do the licenses of dependencies matter if the dependencies are not actually shipped by my software?

I have a github repository that I plan on making public, and I'm in the process of choosing a license for it. It's a Python project that utilizes a number of open source libraries. The code for those ...

licensing license-compatibility open-source dependencies  
asked by ticster 3 votes
answered by Martin_in_AUT 2 votes

FFmpeg, libx265 and GPLv2/3 binary distribution

I have a question regarding FFmpeg binary distribution and libx265 and GPLv2/3 The FFmpeg documentation says that libx265 is GPLv2-or-later - - but the x265 ...

gpl-3 gpl-2 ffmpeg libx265  
asked by Beamie 2 votes

Do I have to ship a LGPL library as a whole?

I plan on using a LGPL licenced library for my work (my projecte will be MIT). I only use a subset of the library files though, since I plan on statically linking the library. Do I have to provide the ...

lgpl license  
asked by Woife 2 votes
answered by Martin_in_AUT 1 vote

How do I license my code that needs to include code under 'GPLv2 only', 'GPLv3' and 'BSD 3'?

If I understand the table (mentioned at correctly, I can use either 'LGPLv2.1 only' or 'LGPLv2.1 or later' for my code if I want to include ...

gpl-3 lgpl gpl-2 bsd  
asked by paulplusx 2 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Pros and Cons of using MPL-2.0 license?

I want to license my project (hosted on GitHub) under MPL-2.0, which looks like a reasonable choice. But since I'm not a lawyer, it's hard to estimate long-term benefits and consequences of this ...

licensing license-compatibility license-recommendation mpl  
asked by Shersh 14 votes
answered by Bart van Ingen Schenau 11 votes

Is the TeX typesetting system free and open source?

I recently opened the source code for the widely-used TeX typesetting system, and was surprised by the restrictive license I found: This program is copyright (C) 1982 by D. E. Knuth; all rights are ...

license open-source-definition free-software-definition  
asked by James Fennell 23 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 26 votes

What are the essential differences between the BSD and MIT licences?

There are many articles out there which cover the topic in length and breadth, but so far I haven't found a nice, concise answer to the question. What are the most important differences between the ...

mit bsd license-comparison license  
asked by G.Rassovsky 173 votes
answered by Philipp 137 votes

How to use MIT license in a project?

Let's say i used a MIT program as a base for a new project, and modified about 50% of the program files. How should i specify that the program is a derivative work? Do i need to keep track of every ...

derivative-works mit  
asked by xzcv 14 votes
answered by Zimm i48 21 votes

What exactly is a pull request?

This branched out from my previous question: Can I select who can contribute to my Open Source Project? Having never worked on open source software before, and developing my own mini applications ...

terminology pull-request  
asked by Zizouz212 25 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 17 votes

Minified GPL code inside Javascript webapp

This answer on Chess Stack Exchange comes from the lead developer of a webapp for learning chess that integrates a version of Stockfish (a popular chess-playing program released under GPLv3) ...

gpl-3 website  
asked by Federico Poloni 36 votes
answered by apsillers 41 votes

How do I become a regular contributor to GitHub FOSS projects?

I've been foraging GitHub and making small one-off contributions to a variety of codebases that interest me. Typically, the projects that I want to contribute to are very large in nature and already ...

github contributor project-management  
asked by mortal36 21 votes
answered by D. SM 33 votes
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